Themes & Threats

Theme: Cleveland has become a mecca for the storage, smuggling, selling, purchasing of supernatural items. The white council is completely overwhelmed in policing this illicit activity
Places: Warehouse District, Westside Market
Faces: Judson Wilcox (Warehouse District), Josiah Barber (Westside Market)
Aspects: Mecca for the Bizarre

Threat: When items of great evil are obtained by the White Council and need to be kept safe, they are kept in the salt mines under Lake Erie: the salt and lake water having a nullifying effect upon evil auras, at least in theory. Why does Cleveland always seem on the verge of some catastrophe, why the corruption, why the inability to dig itself out of its century old funk? Many in the supernatural community blame the Council for the malaise which affects social, political, economic life in Cleveland.
Places: Salt Mines
Aspects: A City Cursed, It’s the Council’s Fault

Theme: Once pristine neighbors are now filled with dilapidated houses, abandoned business buildings, and dried-up dreams. Drugs, prostitution, kidnappings and gang activity wreak havoc in both the supernatural and mortal communities. The politicians don’t seem to be helping things. Even with the Red Court gone, it seems like someone is continuing to suck the life from the once vibrant burg.
Aspect: Drained of Life


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